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active technology escrow

In the case of machine plans and construction data, special attention should be paid to drawings and the configuration of the individual components.

Modern and case-related

auditing techniques

"The thorough audit done by HanseEscrow was quickly felt to be a gain rather than a burden. ... Now, the annual escrow audit has become an integral part of how we optimize our processes."
Dipl.-Ing. J. Berg, AWEK C-POS GmbH

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Our detailed approach to technologies and processes is what makes us different from other escrow agents on the market.

Once the technology escrow contract is in place, we do thorough technical testing to verify that the software and the corresponding components, manuals, drawings, configuration data, keys and passwords match and function properly. To do this, there needs to be an audit of the source code and the software development process in addition to testing and documentation. Only a technically qualified approach with a serious awareness for the risks leads to real future security. That is why professionality and correctness are absoute musts. We have a solid reputation as neutral intermediaries which is why manufacturers entrust their trade secrets to us and why large corporations use our services.

Our verification services include:

  • Completeness, functionality and readability of the material
  • Assessment by a neutral expert
  • Compilation of the digital sources
  • Audit of the development process

Which services are performed depends on the technology escrow product chosen for the specific risk situation. When contract negotiations have been completed, the detailed service specification becomes an integral part of the escrow agreement.


Verification of completeness, working order and suitability for maintenance by a third-party expert

Only verified escrow material affords real security for the licensee. That is why HanseEscrow offers the products Standard Escrow and Secure Escrow which, at the point when the material is placed in escrow, provide verification of the completeness, working order and suitability for maintenance by a third-party expert.

Due to the fact that there are nearly countless combinations of programming languages, technologies, development environments, etc., the audits are carried out for us by the “TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH” (TÜViT). They specialize in software and are an accredited, certified company within the TÜV Nord group.

The exclusive contract between HanseEscrow and the TÜViT (as opposed to the use of freelancers), which has been in place since 2005, ensures that we have access to the full spectrum of expertise of the TÜViT employees without risking a breach of trust with the software manufacturers. In addition, it guarantees continuity and clearly structured verification processes.