Active Escrow

The New Security

Buyers and users of software, machines, ATMs, real estate etc. require security for their investments and continuity in product use, especially in business-critical segments.

Price List for Core Products

When you consider the investment risk should a manufacturer go out of business, an escrow contract is always worth it.
Prüfung auf Lesbarkeit der Quellen und der Dokumentation
1 Hinterlegung p.a.
Prüfung auf Vollständigkeit der Quellen und der Dokumentation
Hinterlegung an zwei Orten
Modifikationen am Vertragswerk
Kompilierung und detail. Beschreibung der Systemparameter des Herstellersystems
Auditierung des Herstellungsprozesses - Programmers Guidelines etc.

We would be glad to make you a non-binding offer:

We can draw up individual contracts, but we also offer general agreements.

Security You Can Count On

When you consider the risk to investments if a manufacturer of a business-critical system goes out of business, then you know that an escrow contract is always worth it. The higher investment security not only reflects positively on your rating, for example, but insurance premiums and emergency budgets can be greatly reduced.

Our prices include the following:

  • contract, concept, setting up the deposit (one-time fee)
  • storage, insurance, documentation, reports
  • verification / audit
  • update management

Services can be combined and new ones added, depending on the situation.

When storing machine data, construction data and the corresponding software and firmware, there are additional materials to take into account. Technical drawings, the programming and/or the configuration of the individual components are important, too, because the guarantee covers the maintainance, repair, modification, correction and continuation of the designated use of the entire product