EU regulation endangers

ERP system

Without access to a source code that can be maintained by a qualified third party, changes in legislation can have serious repercussions for business processes.

Case Study I

New Legislation Necessitates Action.

The Situation

The EC in Brussels decides that the invoices, balance sheets and financial statements of all European companies must include additional information about the origins, prices and suppliers of third-party products they use. The new law takes effect January 1. Your company needs to have the corresponding changes and additions programmed into its accounting and sales software by then.

The Problem

The producer of your accounting software went out of business a year ago. The software developers are no longer available. There is no way to make the necessary changes to your existing software.

The Danger

The changes in accounting documentation must be made by January 1. To keep the deadline, you have to designate a project team and hire a consulting company to select, adapt and deploy a new software product. In addition, you need to migrate all your current data and archives to the new system, and develop interfaces to other software products. At the same time, your employees need to be trained to use the new software. The investment in money and time are enormous. Any mistake or delay would have grave consequences for your business operations.

The Solution

For every software product used in your company’s business-critical operations, the source code should be placed in escrow, verified and tested. This is the only way to ensure that you can respond to changing business conditions, quickly and completely, without snowballing costs.