Secure Escrow

Optimum protection against high risks when investing in products and services that include software and firmware


  • Sources and documentation are checked for completeness as per manifest
  • Media are tested for working order and readability
  • Current versions and bug fixes are requested from the vendor at intervals stipulated in the contract (update service)
  • The source code is compiled (translated into the executable program) using the manufacturer’s systems and tested for correct operation
  • The manufacturer’s development environment is documented in detail
  • The software manufacturer’s development processes, programming guidelines and system environment are audited and documented in detail
  • Selected code excerpts are evaluated for methodology, programming clarity and reusability by a neutral expert
  • The source code and documentation are securely deposited in two independent locations

High risk? Examples of criteria are:

  • The lack of support or bankruptcy of the manufacturer affects the liquidity of the company
  • The software controls business-critical, company-wide processes
  • The software is highly customized to meet specific requirements
  • The software constantly requires modifications and extensions
  • The investment value of the software only makes sense in the case of long-term, reliable use

Feedback from a manufacturer:

“As a medium-sized software systems producer, we were first confronted with the ESCROW topic several years ago due to a request from one of our large customers. As the request was for the most comprehensive form of escrow, Secure Escrow, we were of course very sceptical about how much work it would mean for us. Who likes to let someone else look at their cards, especially when the hand might not be well sorted? Our worries turned out to be unfounded. Certainly, there were a few things that needed to be improved, but the thorough audit done by HanseEscrow was quickly felt to be a gain rather than a burden. The stringent yet supportive way the highly qualified HanseEscrow team carried out the audit was key. Now, the annual escrow audit has become an integral part of how we optimize our processes.” Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Berg, Manager Quality Assurance, AWEK C-POS GmbH