Escrow Management

HanseEscrow's goal is to provide customers with flexible security concepts which meet the highest information security standards for deposits of escrow material.

This is documented by the DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, both of which verify that our processes are evaluated and improved on a regular basis. In addition, they also document that we work in a customer-oriented fashion, especially in the areas of technical verification and customer service.

A deposit is comprised of the following services:

  • Contractual procedures are performed in cooperation with the manufacturer
  • Escrow materials are received and inspected for completeness and readability
  • Source code is compiled and tested for working order
  • Source code and documentation are safely deposited in two independent locations
  • Reports are written to ensure all stipulated duties are carried out
  • Outdated material will be destroyed in line with DIN 66399

The extent to which certified management services are performed by HanseEscrow depends on the escrow product chosen for the specific risk situation. When negotiations have been completed, the detailed service specification becomes an integral part of the escrow agreement.

Clouds, DropBox, servers in computer centers, … they all have one thing in common: They can store and manage large amounts of data, but the data is never 100% safe from unauthorized access. We hear about successful hacker attacks almost every day.

That is why HanseEscrow chose to store the tangible and intangible escrow material entrusted to them in separate safety deposit boxes at two financial institutions. Our “deposit partners” whose infrastructure and employees we trust for secure access include the Deutsche Bank, Volksbank and several Sparkasse branch offices.

Unless otherwise agreed per contract, the material will be shredded in line with DIN 66399 protection class level 3 at the end of the deposit life cycle.