Standard Escrow

The security package for minimizing risks when investing in products and services that include software and firmware


  • Sources and documentation are checked for completeness as per manifest
  • Media are tested for working order and readability
  • Current versions and bug fixes are requested from the vendor at intervals stipulated in the contract (update service)
  • The source code is compiled (translated into the executable program) using the manufacturer’s systems and tested for correct operation
  • The documentation about the manufacturer’s development environment is tested in practical application
  • Sources and documentation are securely deposited in two independent locations


Medium Risk? Examples of criteria are:

  • The lack of support or bankruptcy of the manufacturer endangers businesss processes and production
  • In an emergency, the fully functional software must be available with all the information required for installation
  • The software requires modifications and extensions at regular intervals
  • Time and money constraints make selecting and deploying an alternative product unfeasible