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simple deposit

This escrow solution is for software with low license costs that is quickly replaced and planned for short-term use.

Deposit of


People in professions required to securely store specific, sensitive data benefit from this service.

Allocation of

company assets

Data brought into the company by one share holder is securely held in trust.

Deposit of

research results

Trade secrets are held in trust until the sale of a company is final or a merger is official.

Authorship of

trade marks and designs

Data from developers is stored in trust as evidence of who created it.



Development data is deposited as collateral for outside investors financing a project.

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Elementary Escrow

The escrow package for software that is low-cost , quickly replaced or for short-term use. Also for the secure storage of evidence.


  • Submitted media are tested for readability
  • The material is securely deposited
  • One update is made per year (including verification of readability)


Examples of criteria are:

  • The software can be replaced quickly should the manufacturer no longer offer support or have to declare bankruptcy
  • The software product is only in use for a short time
  • The license costs are low