About Us

HanseEscrow Management GmbH

HanseEscrow Management GmbH is a fiduciary escrow agency with a flexible security concept for investments in construction data (e.g., design specifications) and software. Our consulting and escrow services are aimed both at licencees and at manufacturers. Our core business is holding software source code and technical data like construction plans in trust, verifying such deposits for completeness and keeping them up to date with current program releases. By using or services, users of particular products can lay a foundation which will enable them to continue their business-critical processes without fail. At the same time, manufacturers protect their competitive advantage and trade secrets.

Our Strategy

What makes us different from other agencies in the escrow field is our qualified view of technologies and processes. Our goal is not to establish “absolute security” at any cost, but to provide customized technology escrow packages to fit our clients’ specific risk situations. This requires a technically qualified analytical approach that recognizes and protects the interests of all stakeholders.

Our main goal is a customer-friendly approach where we carry out our work in a service-oriented way. Quick response times, quality, personal contacts and professionality are just as standard for us as regular, prompt and reliable communication between the depository and all contractual partners. In line with our customer-oriented strategy, our employees engage in continual learning to improve their competencies and skills. In the case of a complaint, the issue is clarified so that the situation does not occur again, thus adding to and improving customer satisfaction and our level of service.

The Decisive Added Value of Active Escrow Management

Our services include more than just the safe deposit of data, as is the case in passive escrow.

We also examine the escrowed data to ensure that it can be understood, maintained and modified by a qualified engineer or programmer. That is what we call active escrow management. We are the foremost provider of audited technology escrows in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa.

The high standard of our escrow services is documented by the Quality Management certification awarded us in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and the Information Security Management certification ISO/IEC 27001. Throughout our processes, we ensure that the trade secrets, customer data and other information entrusted to us is only used for the designated purpose and that no abuse occurs.

We place our trust in long-term partnerships, for example, with TÜV Information Technologies (TÜViT, a member of the TÜV NORD Group), an accredited, neutral and international organization.

Our company was selected by Microsoft Corporation as a “Featured Escrow Company” in the “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” program.

Some facts and figures

  • Established in 2003
  • Head Office in Hamburg, Germany
  • IQNet ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Customers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, USA and Africa
  • Deposit locations in Europe, Asia and Africa