Data Escrow

Secure and up-to-date storage of business-critical data

Data Escrow – Storage of:

  • Machine data, construction data and the software and firmware necessary to maintain a product
  • Assessments, technical documentation and status reports that are to be stored as evidence where they cannot be manipulated
  • Snapshot of customer data or other data on the target date of an acquisition or merger (as part of due diligence, for example)
  • Data that a shareholder group wants held in trust
  • Project development data to provide investment security for outside investors (lowering the risk attracts more investors)

As with our software escrow packages, we offer various services:

  1. Secure and insured deposit
  2. Testing for readability
  3. Verification that the material is complete
  4. Update of the escrow materials
  5. Reporting at regular intervals
  6. Organization of inspections

The advantage of our data escrow offer is that it enables you to do business that perhaps otherwise would not have come to fruition. Why? On the one hand, suppliers can protect their competitive advantage and trade secrets, while on the other hand, the users are assured that their business-critical processes will be able to continue running.

If you have a request for services that are not listed, please contact us.

We will be glad to prepare an individual offer for you with no obligation.

When storing machine data, construction data and the corresponding software and firmware, there are additional materials to take into account. Technical drawings, the programming and/or the configuration of the individual components are important, too, because the guarantee covers the maintenance, repair, modification, correction and continuation of the designated use of the entire product. The software and firmware points to note…

  • All individual components are listed and specified (parts list)
  • Source code… , in the case of firmware, for example, listed by components
  • Descriptions of interfaces
  • Declarations of compliance
  • Suppliers for components
  • Identification of the items which are not readily available on the market

… play a much larger role in the compilation of materials.

In general, we recommend that you append a specification of the escrow materials to the technology escrow contract and update the specification whenever materials change. Ideally, the material specification should include the items listed above and have a direct link for each item to the location of the item on the data storage media. In that case, the specification can also be used as the manifest.