Assessment of

development processes

A mix of high quality and low quality process steps lets you suspect there may be problems at the interfaces of the process steps.

Plus Package Process

The goal of the Plus Package Process is to assess and evaluate development processes.

The goal of the Plus Package Process is to have a neutral and accredited organization assess and evaluate development processes. Our partner TÜViT carries out the assessment. The development processes are subject to a detailed analysis using the proven assessment model SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504).

ISO 15504/IEC 15504 (SPICE)

The ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) framework is a two-dimensional reference model for the evaluation of IT processes in organizations. One dimension is comprised of the processes required for software development according to the ISO/IEC 12207 process model. The second dimension looks at the maturity of the processes independent from one another. In this way, ISO/IEC 15504 defines a framework for process assessments and process improvements.


ISO/IEC 15504 is an international standard for process models and assessment procedures that originated in the SPICE project and incorporates experience with various assessment methods.

ISO/IEC 15504 is based on a two-dimensional model:

  • The process dimension defines software development processes after the ISO/IEC 12207 software life-cycle model.
  • The capability dimension defines degrees of maturity, measured with reference to attributes, for each process.

As the degree of maturity of each process can be independently determined, the process improvement path (that is, the order in which processes are analyzed and improved) is flexible. Using this model, companies can assess themselves and their suppliers, while placing the focus on individual processes as necessary. Assessors are certified based on the international ISO/IEC 15504 Assessor Certification Scheme (iNTACS) in order to ensure a consistently high-quality assessment.

The certified assessors at TÜViT provide expert advice on the introduction of process models and on performing assessments.