Why HanseEscrow store the escrow material at two separate safety deposit boxes?

HanseEscrow provides its customers with the maximum security level of its deposit service. “Double deposits” (the material will be deposited at two escrow locations) are one part of our security policy.

The benefits are easily explained:

  • If one escrow location fails by a great event (e.g. plane crash, damage by fire or water, etc…), the access to the data/source code is ensured.
  • In case of loss or destruction of the escrow material in context of a surrender a second copy is available. This copy will be destroyed after the licensee has confirmed the receiving of the original.
  • Insolvency improvement: if we create a copy of the material we gain ownership to the copy-storage-media (not to the content!).

This practise makes us different from other escrow agencies.