Is it possible to transfer the escrow material online?

HanseEscrow provides its customers with the maximum security level of its escrow service by depositing the escrow material in two vaults of different bankhouses. Online transfer of the escrow material is not the best solution.

We would like to give an example: After the surrender, the licensee determines that the escrow material is not complete.
He will inform HanseEscrow about this situation. HanseEscrow rejects the responsibility for this absence. “We have been appropriated all of the material which has been provided by the manufacturer.” The manufacturer will argue that he has been provided the complete material for download.

To avoid this situation, HanseEscrow recommends to use unchangeable media storage for the material transfer (CD/DVD/SD-Cards with write protection).

But: If the contracting parties want to have an online transfer of the escrow material, we will do this if this practice is agreed in the escrow contract by the licensee.