Organisation pro Software Escrow e.V.

Founding of an association for the promotion of software escrow – Organisation pro Software Escrow e.V. – in April 2005

HanseEscrow is a Founding Member of “Organisation pro Software Escrow e.V.”

The purpose of this association is the promotion of software escrow and the interests of licensees and licensors of software escrow as well as service and consultancy businesses around the topic of source code escrow.

The main goals are:

  • to systematically educate others on how to protect investments in software and information technology, in the interest of a smoothly running economy
  • to represent the members’ interests and increase public awareness of escrow by holding talks, doing public relations work and cooperating on marketing
  • to develop standards and thereby guarantee consistently high-quality escrow services are provided by member companies
  • to ensure suitable legal conditions and involvement in creating binding legal security